Meet Fiona, the Persian medium


Fiona, better known as “Persian Medium; I AM Power,” was born and raised by her loving family in Iran. When she was seven years old, she began to feel that messages were being sent to her. “I felt a connection beyond this world,” she says. She would often receive warnings concerning a relative or friend and, each time she shared one of these feelings, her predictions were right. “I can’t explain how I know or why I get the messages. The feelings sometimes come in the form of a person who is trying to tell me something, but often, thoughts will just manifest, and they won’t leave me alone until I listen.” 

Early on, Fiona’s family encouraged her not to share her psychic talent with others. “They were afraid someone would try to hurt me or take advantage of my gift,” she says. When she was 18, however, Fiona decided to leave Iran to explore her abilities and connect with her spirituality. She moved to Stockholm, Sweden, where she knew of several programs that could help her hone her talents. “I wanted to know why I had this gift and how I could use it for good.” 

Three months after she arrived in the country, while walking around the lake near her home, Fiona sensed that someone had been killed close by. Unable to speak Swedish, she asked her uncle to translate, and they went to the police. “My uncle was afraid the police would either think I was crazy or that I was involved in the murder, but they were interested in hearing what I had to say. I told them I could feel the presence of a girl named Jessica. She came into my thoughts constantly, and I couldn’t sleep.” The police had been working on a missing person case involving a woman named Jessica for more than year, and Fiona had only been in the country a few months. Fiona agreed to go into the woods with a search unit and, using the messages she received, she was able to lead them to Jessica’s body. Over the last 15 years, Fiona has been asked to help with investigations in the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Norway, and the United States. “It’s been an honor to help solve cases and find missing people. It also opened my eyes to who I am and what I’m called to do with my abilities. Each time I’m able to help, it confirms that I should never deny my inner voice. I need to listen and trust.” 

Pursuing Her Greater Purpose

Fiona’s experiences and talents inspired her to explore the human psyche. While in Sweden, she received her master's degree in psychology from Stockholm University and also studied hypnotherapy. She was later accepted into a very challenging and selective program where she trained with a spiritual master. “It was a difficult course designed to teach people how to connect with their inner power. I learned how to let go of societal conventions and to recode my mind and subconscious to remain open to the unknown. So often, we get wrapped up in the external and how we think things should be, but the ability to tune into ourselves and what is happening inside is very powerful. That is where our inner strength comes from. When I completed the program, I felt even more confident in my abilities, but the master told me that those of us who are blessed with psychic gifts must never use them to hurt others or to achieve personal gain. If we do, our abilities will be taken away. I never forgot that.” 

From then on, Fiona was determined to use her talents to help others find happiness. “After years of talking with my clients, I’ve come to realize that many people deal with issues that prevent them from having a successful, joyful life. While the issues may vary, they are always avoidable. Too often, people are preoccupied with things that aren’t going as planned or suffer from an inability to let go of expectations. This sort of closed mindset can bring a healthy, loving person to a standstill and cause an emotional downward spiral. That’s where I’m able to help. I can open my clients’ minds and offer life advice to help them break that pattern, regain their self-belief, and trust their inner voice.” 

Expanding Her Reach

Fiona and her husband met in Sweden, and six years ago, they moved to the United States. “I was scared when I first arrived because, at that point, I didn’t speak any English. Without any connections here, I was worried about finding someone who could help me pursue my psychic gift.” Two months later, Fiona had a dream that told her to go to the beach. “I’d never had that sort of dream before, and it left me with a very strong feeling.” Fiona turned to her pentagon, a tool that uses energy and mathematics, to guide her intuitions. “It gave me the number 22, so I went to the beach on that date around 2:00 p.m. and waited.” While there, Fiona saw a woman who was crying and, sensing that she should reach out, Fiona introduced herself. “She hugged me immediately, as if we knew each other. We both felt the connection, and she opened up to me about the complicated situation she was in.” The woman was grateful for Fiona’s empathy and support and, after talking for some time, she became Fiona’s first client.  

Channeling Her Power for Good

Fiona has found that she is happier and more at peace when she is using her gifts to help others. “Mediumship is all about being a messenger and, essentially, a telephone line to the world of the unknown. I have been blessed and entrusted with this gift, and I have seen how I can change people's lives and create a positive impact. It’s not about me, it’s about them—about those who are drawn to me for help. By spreading good to others, it is my hope that positivity will multiply throughout the world.” 

When doing online psychic readings, Fiona focuses on empathizing with her clients. “If you truly want to help someone, you need to be willing to wear their shoes and understand where they are coming from. Some people don’t want to hear the truth, but I’m always honest with people because I value the trust my clients have in me, and I know that sugar coating things doesn’t help.” Fiona understands, however, that there is no single formula for assisting others. “Each person’s needs are unique. I cannot judge anyone based on my own experiences and ideas. I need to really listen to their individual problems and provide guidance that is specific to their circumstances.” 

Fiona has given many of her clients hope for the future by helping them connect to their own inner voice. “We all have inner strength, we just have to learn how to use it. We have the power to be successful and happy, but many of us don’t know how to achieve it. I think that maintaining a pure heart and spreading kindness to others leads to inner peace. Once we find that, we can open ourselves up to the energy that is beyond this world and the power we have within. When we believe in our true potential, everything is possible.”

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