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Persian Medium, also known as Your Subconcious Mind Surgeon, is featured in the latest issue of Locale Magazine, one of the leading lifestyle publications covering Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles.

Fiona is not like the rest of us. She doesn’t need her full eight hours of sleep to function or three square meals a day. She finds balancing her energies to be equally as satiating. Fiona has chosen this life or, rather, this life has chosen her.

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Fiona's Interview with Authority Magazine

Fiona, Your Subconcious Mind Surgeon, was recently featured in Authority Magazine.

Ego will never help you grow. Get rid of it as soon as you can. If you need help, the greatest service you can do for yourself is to ask. To seek guidance and learn from others is a strength, not a weakness. Speaking of weaknesses, don’t focus on them — in yourself or others. Identify strengths in everyone and find creative and strategic ways to fuel them! Don’t assume you know everything. If you need help: ASK. Oh, and advice for everyone everywhere to be a leader in their career or life: NEVER GIVE UP.

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Persian Medium Featured in Forbes Magazine

Persian Medium Featured in Forbes Magazine

Fionna Johansson never thought her psychic gifts would lead her to aid law enforcement, private investigators and the DA in solving cold cases. Johansson has been a practicing medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic healer for over 25 years. Her work with countless celebrities, corporations and individuals has led her to be known as the “Persian Medium” with over 1 million Instagram followers.