What you need to know about Free Will and Destiny


Do you think that the future is set in stone? One of the biggest falsehoods is that your destiny is held at ransom by a force that is greater than you. That it is written and you cannot change a thing. And when it comes to peoples' beliefs about destiny (or whatever they call it, fate, karma), every day I speak to people that feel like they cannot make certain decisions because the outcome is unchangeable.

They're wrong. 

What your belief about destiny gets wrong is that YOU have the POWER and are in control over your life-- every bit of it. What exists within you is a very important thing called free will.  While destiny makes people feel scared and hopeless at times, your free will gives you the ability to change your future in whatever way you want. 

You have an incredibly powerful hold over your life and all the things that occur and emerge before you.  There is no predestined power making moves in your life; you have control to turn left when you're going right, to pivot and shift at any moment. And it's this control that gives you an incredible power to achieve anything it is you desire in your life. Not only do you learn through the process, but you  become even more powerful . 

Your positive thoughts and positive thinking are much more powerful than the words in your mind that say "no" or "impossible." 

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