How to Channel Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters



Did you know that you have the power to channel? Yes, you have the power to tune into higher beings and bring forward information from them. 

As a psychic medium, this is something I do regularly. And so many people have channelled guides and angels without realizing that is what they're doing. If you feel like you are having flashes, or getting random information, you may be channeling.

It you are wanting to learn more about your own power, I am here to teach you how to focus your concentration to tap into your intuition. 

First, understand that your desire to make the connection and your intention to do this for the highest good is really important.  Remember that higher guides, ascended masters and angels always speak with love and compassion, though sometimes with firmness.  They will always empower you and strengthen your independence.

When a higher being comes you to, it will always respect you, so will try to touch you gently and calmly.  However if their frequency is very different from your own, you may feel shaken or expanded.  You may sense a touch, a color or a perfume.  If you have any doubts, stop!  It may not be a higher being.

You may receive a telepathic communication, a picture may come into your mind, your may have a download of information or you may have a sudden knowing.

Higher beings may decline to tell you your future as they are above fortune telling.  However you may ask for guidance about your next step or your highest purpose in the next year.  You can ask what you are learning in a particular situation.  You can request insights about personal or world situations or about energies coming into planet.  And you can ask for information about how you can help or serve.

After you have connected with the higher beings you will carry more light. 

This is something that many do not know they can do, and it does not come easily to everyone. I was born with this gift and use it to provide answers to my students and followers who are ready to move forward in life. 

Are you ready? Call me today for a psychic reading to tap into your intuition and make your dreams a reality.