Using Hypnosis to Help You Manifest Anything You Want


The Law of Attraction works whether you believe in it or not. When it cones to manifesting small things, the LOA works very easily, for example, attracting a free table in your favorite coffee shop during a busy time or getting a small raise. Whether people believe in the law of attraction or not, this small manifestation seems believable! 

But many of my followers or students stop believing roblems come when we want to go after something bigger, something that would change our life altogether: a true romance, a new lifestyle, a massive success in their career. Many people don't want to believe these big changes are possible! At least not for THEM. 


The important thing about the Law of Attraction is that when you truly believe in It, you have NO DOUBTS about anything being impossible. When you fully believe 100% that you are the absolute creator who can manifest anything... The universe delivers.  And as long as you completely embrace the existence of the law of attraction, you meet the resistance of your mind each time you try to manifest something for which it believes is beyond your rational capacity.

How to Use My Hypnosis to Change That

First, we need to work on making you believe without any doubt that the Law of Attraction works. Big or small, you need to believe that you can create any reality you desire. But often, no matter how hard we want to, we just can’t make our mind accept something so abstract and so contrary to our belief system. That is because we don’t have the power, the strength, call it whatever you like, to make our unconscious mind believe what our conscious mind is trying to make it believe.

And that’s where my hypnosis with Persian Medium steps in. Because hypnosis works by changing your subconscious patterns, we can change your thoughts to what they need to be to stop limiting yourself and your success. Each behavior, each habit, each belief that we have is nothing more than a pattern formed and stored deep inside us.

Working with me, we will use hypnosis to attack those patterns right where they were created and bypass the conscious part, the part that will resist the change. Suggestions that I give under hypnosis are much better received within our subconscious, and you will be able to make the change from the inside, so that when it comes to manifesting your desires, YOU are not standing in your own way! 

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