How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy


Absorbing Negative Energy is like polluting your mind body and soul.   When we are sensitive to energies, we tend to take in a lot of it around us. We get it from friends, co-workers, or just bumping into someone on the street. 

To sensitive people and empaths, I teach that we have the power to control energy vibrations because we have the power to sense them and recognize their nature. Yes it can be very difficult to cope with the negativity, but that’s because we stop trusting our positivity when we encounter the negative.

You need to begin believing more in yourself and know that your empathy comes from an innate state of goodness. Use this goodness inside you to become a beacon of positivity and make the low vibrations fall under the influence of your positive nature.

You should never think that the negative vibrations are stronger than you because the very fact you can sense them makes you more powerful than those who are not always aware that they are engulfed by them.

Learn to trust yourself more, trust your self as a vessel, and do not fear the negative. Learn to move past it and rise above its frequency. Trust yourself and go for it. 

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