Connecting with Jim Morrison in a Trance

A few days ago, a few of my best friends had an event and invited me to attend. I had known about it in advance, but when the day arrived, something was tapping at me incessently and I could not get rid of the jittery feeling. I was uncomfortable and I had to paint.

They were shocked I wouldn't go, but I was adamant that I had to do this. My entire being was telling me to get into my studio to pick up a paintbrush.

That evening I fell into a complete trance. I do not know what comes out and why. Something told me I had to paint a face. 


I didn't even know what I was painting. It took me two hours to finish this painting.

Once I was done, I sat down but my body was still feeling like my work was unfinished. I grabbed a pen and paper, and a voice told me to write down "128e98" and cut it in half. When I look at the message, it says I LOVE YOU.


Two days later, a friend who is also an artist came over, and looked at the piece leaning against the wall. Very innocently he said, "Oh wow! You painted Jim Morrison. Beautiful! It even looks like 'Light My Fire.'" 

"What?!" I said to him. I did not know him. 

"He was the lead singer of The Doors a famous rock band from the 70s. Jim Morrison is an icon. He died when he was 27 along with a lot of the greats."


All the shadows and fire in the painting, pointed to Jim. I did not even know who this artist was. That night I read about him and learned that he died on December 8th, 1971. 12/8. Another sign from Morrison's spirit?!

I looked up his music. The first song I listened to was Indian Summer. The first lyric is I LOVE YOU. 

Shock cannot begin to describe the feeling that overcame me. All the hairs on my body are still standing high!!! I believe that Jim Morrison's spirit is here with me right now! He is sending a message of LOVE to everyone. Why now? I'm not sure, but he is here and his will is strong. 

Fans of Jim, can you please share with me what you believe he is sending? This is an amazing miracle!