How to Stop Absorbing Negative Energy


Absorbing Negative Energy is like polluting your mind body and soul.   When we are sensitive to energies, we tend to take in a lot of it around us. We get it from friends, co-workers, or just bumping into someone on the street. 

To sensitive people and empaths, I teach that we have the power to control energy vibrations because we have the power to sense them and recognize their nature. Yes it can be very difficult to cope with the negativity, but that’s because we stop trusting our positivity when we encounter the negative.

You need to begin believing more in yourself and know that your empathy comes from an innate state of goodness. Use this goodness inside you to become a beacon of positivity and make the low vibrations fall under the influence of your positive nature.

You should never think that the negative vibrations are stronger than you because the very fact you can sense them makes you more powerful than those who are not always aware that they are engulfed by them.

Learn to trust yourself more, trust your self as a vessel, and do not fear the negative. Learn to move past it and rise above its frequency. Trust yourself and go for it. 

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Using Hypnosis to Help You Manifest Anything You Want


The Law of Attraction works whether you believe in it or not. When it cones to manifesting small things, the LOA works very easily, for example, attracting a free table in your favorite coffee shop during a busy time or getting a small raise. Whether people believe in the law of attraction or not, this small manifestation seems believable! 

But many of my followers or students stop believing roblems come when we want to go after something bigger, something that would change our life altogether: a true romance, a new lifestyle, a massive success in their career. Many people don't want to believe these big changes are possible! At least not for THEM. 


The important thing about the Law of Attraction is that when you truly believe in It, you have NO DOUBTS about anything being impossible. When you fully believe 100% that you are the absolute creator who can manifest anything... The universe delivers.  And as long as you completely embrace the existence of the law of attraction, you meet the resistance of your mind each time you try to manifest something for which it believes is beyond your rational capacity.

How to Use My Hypnosis to Change That

First, we need to work on making you believe without any doubt that the Law of Attraction works. Big or small, you need to believe that you can create any reality you desire. But often, no matter how hard we want to, we just can’t make our mind accept something so abstract and so contrary to our belief system. That is because we don’t have the power, the strength, call it whatever you like, to make our unconscious mind believe what our conscious mind is trying to make it believe.

And that’s where my hypnosis with Persian Medium steps in. Because hypnosis works by changing your subconscious patterns, we can change your thoughts to what they need to be to stop limiting yourself and your success. Each behavior, each habit, each belief that we have is nothing more than a pattern formed and stored deep inside us.

Working with me, we will use hypnosis to attack those patterns right where they were created and bypass the conscious part, the part that will resist the change. Suggestions that I give under hypnosis are much better received within our subconscious, and you will be able to make the change from the inside, so that when it comes to manifesting your desires, YOU are not standing in your own way! 

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Fiona, also known as Persian Medium; I AM Power, is a certified psychic medium, medi healer, and clinical hypnotherapist. She helps leaders, visionaries, celebrities, and entrepreneurs overcome their issues with lack of clarity, lack of direction, fear, insecurities, anxiety and much more. The issues that keep them from finding the relationships of their dreams, creating the life, impact and income they desperately desire.

Persian Medium's gifts were discovered as a child, and she has spent her entire life and career honing them even further and using them to help her students and followers every day.

In 2018, Fiona joined and has grown her following to over 3M worldwide. She has worked with thousands of people to help them discover love, attain wealth, and live the lives they simply dream of. Her goals are to not just help provide guidance, but instill the power to help her students create a massive impact in their lives and achieve success on their terms.

Persian Medium has appeared and been published in sources such as YFS Magazine, Having Time, Tiny Buddha and Thrive Global to name a few. She hosts a weekly radio program on A1R Psychic Radio and provides on-air readings to listeners. She provides personalized psychic readings and uses channeling, as well as a special pentagon technique unknown to few psychics, to receive information to answer her clients' questions. 

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How to Channel Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters



Did you know that you have the power to channel? Yes, you have the power to tune into higher beings and bring forward information from them. 

As a psychic medium, this is something I do regularly. And so many people have channelled guides and angels without realizing that is what they're doing. If you feel like you are having flashes, or getting random information, you may be channeling.

It you are wanting to learn more about your own power, I am here to teach you how to focus your concentration to tap into your intuition. 

First, understand that your desire to make the connection and your intention to do this for the highest good is really important.  Remember that higher guides, ascended masters and angels always speak with love and compassion, though sometimes with firmness.  They will always empower you and strengthen your independence.

When a higher being comes you to, it will always respect you, so will try to touch you gently and calmly.  However if their frequency is very different from your own, you may feel shaken or expanded.  You may sense a touch, a color or a perfume.  If you have any doubts, stop!  It may not be a higher being.

You may receive a telepathic communication, a picture may come into your mind, your may have a download of information or you may have a sudden knowing.

Higher beings may decline to tell you your future as they are above fortune telling.  However you may ask for guidance about your next step or your highest purpose in the next year.  You can ask what you are learning in a particular situation.  You can request insights about personal or world situations or about energies coming into planet.  And you can ask for information about how you can help or serve.

After you have connected with the higher beings you will carry more light. 

This is something that many do not know they can do, and it does not come easily to everyone. I was born with this gift and use it to provide answers to my students and followers who are ready to move forward in life. 

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Explanation of Angel Number 1010


Do you chalk a lot of magical things that happen in your life to coincidence? These number sequences that you see repetetively are no coincidence! 

Are you seeing the number 1010 on repeat? Well, there are explanations to all these numbers that you may happen to see. And the explanation of angel number 1010 is as powerful as possible. If you are seeing the number 1010 over and over, it is your angels hoping that you pay close attention, take notice, and understand and process the message they are sending to you!

Firstly, we are all aware that the number "1" carries a very strong vibrational energy on its own. Then, you combine it with the number "0", and that vibrational energy is even made bigger!

When you see angel number 1010, the message you are receiving is that you have reached a strong point of spiritual growth and awakening. This is a blessing in itself that should be received fully by you, but what's even better is that it’s also a sign that your angels are waiting in the wings to offer their support!

If you see the angel number 1010 today, take a moment to thank your angels, receive their message and their blessing, and repeat this mantra:

I trust myself. I believe I can achieve everything I desire and wish. Thank you, angels.  

Angel number 1010 also lets you know that you have the power to create your reality with your thoughts and actions. So just focus your thoughts on what you want to attain. It’s the beginning of a very enlightening journey, so just enjoy the ride. Your best life is about to happen!