Persian Medium Featured in Forbes Magazine

Persian Medium Featured in Forbes Magazine

Fionna Johansson never thought her psychic gifts would lead her to aid law enforcement, private investigators and the DA in solving cold cases. Johansson has been a practicing medium, clinical hypnotherapist, and holistic healer for over 25 years. Her work with countless celebrities, corporations and individuals has led her to be known as the “Persian Medium” with over 1 million Instagram followers.

NBC2 "Success Strategies With a Little Chicken Soup For the Soul"


 Fia Johannson and Jack Canfield, the world renown author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have teamed up to deliver the best tips and strategies to plan and achieve your vision of success without sacrificing the values that make you uniquely you.

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Celebrity Readers that are on a journey to fuel not just their success but also their souls will not want to miss the release of the upcoming title, "Success Strategies" in 2019. Authored by Fia Johannson, known as the Persian Medium, and Jack Canfield, the world renown author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have teamed up to deliver the best tips and strategies to plan and achieve your vision of success without sacrificing the values that make you uniquely you.

While there are thousands of books revolving around ways to become successful, "Success Strategies" takes a much needed angle of success with the pursuit of passion and heart in mind. "Success Strategies" focuses on how to hone your personal leadership strengths to build momentum and growth not just in your own career, but your life. Both Fia and Jack have decades worth of experience and expertise in helping people of all walks of life uncover their ultimate potential and live with purpose, passion, and prosperity. The combination of these two minds partnering is a game changer for anyone who feels unfulfilled, anxious, or unhappy with their careers. No matter your background or goal, "Success Strategies" is a must read for anyone seeking to elevate their mind, heart, and soul!

Fia Johannson is a multi-talented motivational speaker, clinical hypnotherapist, and celebrity psychic medium who works closely with police officers to help find missing people. Throughout her career, she's helped thousands of people identify personal roadblocks to help them truly believe in their own path to success, whatever that dream may be. Jack Canfield is a widely successful author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and corporate trainer. He is best known as the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series, which has over 500 copies in circulation across the world.

"Success Strategies" by Fia Johannson and Jack Canfield will be available for purchase on, Barnes and Noble, as well as many other online booksellers in 2019. The Book will be distributed by Ingram Books, the industry's largest book distributor, which will make it available at bookstores nationwide.

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Spring into Gratitude


It is spring time and nature always reminds me of the power of gratitude through  flowers, blooming and happy sounds. Think about it, after a long, hard, dark but wet winter, some of the best spring blooms takes place after. It’s natures way of saying thank you, but also showing how much it appreciates making it another season to  start over again. Cultivating compassion and gratitude is a very important factor in our livelihoods.

Gratitude is an emotion similar to appreciation that most people are familiar with. What many people do not know is that  gratitude is now becoming an important part of psychology research, and especially postiive psychology research.

What is gratitude? A thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, people acknowledge the goodness in their lives … As a result, gratitude also helps people connect to something larger than themselves as individuals – whether to other people, nature, or a higher power”

0.It allows you to bring into your awareness the good things that are happening in your life on a day to day basis, and with repetition, will take your focus off of what you perceive as the negative aspects of any situation. It’s purpose is to put you more into a mind set of finding that you really do have good, positive things happening to you in all areas of your life, and shifts the focus off of what you perceive to be negative. It’s no secret that life can deal what to be a bad hand sometimes, but if you will look hard for it, you can find the good in any situation. Sometimes the answer isn’t readily available, but just the knowing that all things happen for the greater good, is enough to keep you from falling into resistance, and keep it from getting worse.

0. By shifting the focus off of only the negative aspect of a situation, you are able to see more clearly the positive things that can come out of this situation, which in turn puts you into more of a vibrational state that will attract the things that you desire.

0.While you are doing this procedure, it is automatically rewriting the negative script that you have allowed to be placed in your subconscious and replacing it with positive and productive scripting that will deliver to you, more positive and productive outcomes.

Gratitude is one of the quickest subconscious hacks you can use to turn around your life and make things into successful outcomes and invest in your relationships. I have used this technique and procedure with so many clients and the largest life changing moments have come as a result. Try it today and stay tuned for more subconscious hacks from your very own subconscious mind surgeon, Persian Medium. I am so very grateful for each and everyone of you.


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