Moving forward

Letting Go, Moving Forward



Is your past keeping you stunted? Are you having trouble moving forward? Pay attention.

  More often than anything, people come to me and say they are having trouble growing spiritually or even finding movement or grow in their success and lives overall. Do you know why this is?

Because so often were let our pain and trauma from the past take over. If you let pain control your future, there will be no future! You are living in the past, reliving something over and over every day that keeps you from living today.  

But I will teach you something that I want you to never forget: if you can learn to release the pain of your past, you can fully enjoy the joyous experiences and blessings made available to you at every turn by the universe. Are you ready to let go finally and set yourself free? 

Fiona, Your Subconcious Mind Surgeon is here to help.  

Take a quick look at your life. Are you longing for a healthier relationship, a new job, better friends or more money? Are you wondering why you don’t have it yet? Your past pain is the obstacle that’s keeping you from having that happy, fulfilling life you desire. Too often during my reading, I see people put so much energy into what they don’t want. They don’t realize they can take that same energy and put it toward what they do want instead. Yes, your thoughts and actions create the life and future you live. That’s why it’s a good idea to let the past go.

The Blocks That Come Between Who You Are and What You Want to Become

Begin by going through the mental and spiritual compartments in your brain that make up who you are. Toss out the contents that no longer serve you. These things include whatever you’ve been holding on to that does not serve your higher self. You can also toss out what does not contribute to your integrity, and whatever other blocks that have come between you and who you long to become. Not sure what qualifies as a block? Here are a few examples to get you started and help you let the past go too.

Let go of:

  • negative obsession over an ex-lover, friend or family member who has hurt you.
  • resentment towards others who have had ulterior motives towards you.
  • people who have been mean to you.
  • people who refuse to address “the elephant in the room.”
  • past disappointments and things that never were.

The list could certainly go on and on and I’m sure you have a few more things to add to it. Feel free to do so!

Once you acknowledge that you need to let the past go, it’s time to figure how to do it. Remember, your goal is to let go of whatever does not contribute to a happy, healthier, and more enlightened life also. That’s your motivation! 

If you want a helping hand to do this, I am available to call or chat on Avid Advice, 24/7. I also provide face to face readings and healing and wellness services at my private practice, Avid Awakening, in Corona Del Mar, CA.