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A lifetime of using her gift to guide others, read REAL testimonials from Fiona's clients:


he married me

Leilani R. -- Pasadena, CA

"My jerk boy friend of 6 years was giving me a run around and he was going to leave me. I did not want to end the relationship. He was in no way going to continue the relationship. I called Persian Medium and she showed me the path and helped me to find what was missing to make him mine. After about 8 months he proposed and we got married a few months later. This was a spiritual experience and journey. As I not only got the man of my dreams but also found out a better way of being girl friend and a finally a wife. I think he noticed the changes in both of us!" 

business took off like a rocket

Louis D. -- Miami, FL

"I always wanted to start a restaurant business. Never had the nerve as I had some failures along the way. I contacted Persian medium and she paved the path for a successful launch of my business and products. She even picked a brand name for me, which right away generated several calls and got my products into several grocery stores, my catering business exploded and I had distributors calling me for more. Don't even know what happened, but things took off like a rocket after that faithful call."



got him to be mine

Monique A. -- Houston, TX

"I loved the man of my life, except he was not into me. I had tried to do just about anything to catch this man. He would not commit because of his child form previous marriage. I was sure he did not want to be with me. Persian Medium convinced me that he was interested, then she used he magic to influence him and all those around him. In a matter of months he turned around, and he became an angel. I was so surprised so much in the changes that I saw. He finally proposed and made a deal with me to put the focus of his life on me. He is now mine with all his wealth and influence."

"Fiona is just amazing! The amount of detail investigation and message she can provide blows my mind every time!! Its amazing!! She is worth every penny and every read is just incredible." -J.P.

"Fiona is the best medium and psychic I ever met. The amount of details I receive every time I have a reading with her is AMAZING!!! Dead on!!! Love her kindness even when delivering tough messages. xoxo" -F.S.

"Fiona just predicted something that blew me away! I love when we chat because she keeps me in good spirits. She said that she seen more money coming into my life soon and literally a day later, I received an unexpected check in the mail from an old employer. I don't how Fiona seen it coming but I'm glad it came and I'm glad I found her!" -H.T.

"Fiona predicted that I would be attending a wedding soon and I just got a surprise wedding invite in the mail today! She's so accurate that it's scary! Since getting into readings with her, I've found that her predictions come true sooner that I thought. She's the real-deal and great at what she does." -L.D.

"Thanks for working on him Fiona. He is definitely making changes that I have been wishing for for a long time. I know you made this happen for me and for that I am indebted to you. I am so tired of the pain but I know we have so much to look forward to and I am not ready to give up on him. You helping him finally see that he needs to change has been a big improvement already, because he recognizes that he also does not want to give up on us. I will continue to do as you say and will let you know what happens with him. Please continue to send your light to him and help him continue to go down the path towards us becoming strong. We are getting there now thanks to you." - BambiShakes

"absolutely the best out there! untouchable in her accuracy... timing is spot on... everything just perfect through her pentagon and foresight. never encountered anyone quite like her. sometimes she'll say something that sounds crazy and then bam... It happens!!! Just leaves your jaw on the floor..." -violetdaisies

"im gonna be honest. i called fiona because someone close to me had been having trouble with their boyfriend not committing, and after she started talking to Persian medium for a while and some other psychics here, he ended up proposing. my problem i have been having was with an ex and wondering if it was over or not and how i could get him back. i havent left feedback since i first started calling her a few months ago but she said she could get him to communicate again in three months and he just started texting me again this past weekend. so there you go. she did what she said she would and she has real abilities like you cant really imagine. you gotta know what you want though. if you want it she will make it happen for you. call her!!!!" -opportune_strike

"Fiona has helped me find my husband and we've been married for one year now. I've been meeting her in person and I cent begin to describe how much she's helped change my life. My relationship is what I've always dreamed of, but now there is so much more to manifest. I'm so proud to call myself a student of Persian Medium. She is fantastic." -RenaultRose

"have you been on a downward spiral or feeling heartbroken non stop? are you searching for someone to tell you the truth rather than continually feeding you bs that gives you unnecessary hope? im talking about myself because i was exactly this person. i decided to bite the bullet and call her. boy am i glad i did. probably my best decision in a while. she read me like a book. this woman is truly what she says she is. fascinating is what it is. truth and answers is what youll get!" -ZB2649

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