Psychic Reading

Psychic and channeling will both be used in this session.

Psychic readings is when I use my own psychic abilities to receive answers to your questions. Channelled readings is where I receive messages & guidance from your angels and guides to answer your questions.


Angel Readings

I can connect you with your angels who are always with you. I channel guardian angels, archangels, angels from higher realms, and spirit guides to receive messages for your greatest good. When you want the truth, your angels provide guidance no matter what you  seek - love, finances, or spiritual guidance. You will receive messages and guidance to assist you on your journey.

Spiritual Coaching

I coach, teach and support clients in accessing their gifts, implementing new spiritual techniques, achieving clarity and empowerment on their path. During a spiritual coaching session, I guide and support you in removing blocks and obstacles that are keeping you from speaking your truth. 


Past Life Reading

Did you know that your past lives have an affect on your current lifetime? Your past lives have an affect on crafting who you are, why cycles may be repeating in your life, aches and pains that doctor's can't diagnose and much more. During a session I will access information regarding your past lives and provide healing to help you move past any issues.


Custom Magic & Spells

During this specialty service I create and hold space to help your intentions come to fruition for the highest good of all in a positive manner. When you have space already open I also help you hold space to expediting your intentions to come quicker. Custom magical work can also include curse unraveling clearing and healing. Customized magical work I perfom include:



During this session the spirit of a loved one is called from the other side.  I have direct connections to the other side that allow me to connect and communicate with the spirit world. A loved one can be a family member or a friend.  I communicate with your loved one to give you messages or hold a conversation for you.  I can see them and hear them clearly.  You can also ask question and you will receive the answers directly from your loved one.


House Clearing & Blessings

During this service, I come to your house or business to clear out all negative and toxic energies, lower vibrational energies and stuck energies that are not allowing peace. You will need clearing if there is constant disharmony, fighting, objects breaking or stuck energy not allowing you to move forward and not complete tasks. I will say prayers while doing the work and when I am done say a prayer to bless the space. The end result will be peace, harmony and flow of clear energy in your home. 


Oracle & Divination Reading

Oracle cards will be used in this session along with divination tools such as a pendulum for answers. Tools will give answers to questions and determine past, present and future. Oracle cards will bring through messages and further guidance. Using a pendulum will allow the Divine to come through for yes and no questions.